faces, spaces and places

Just sent the paintings to Canada for the group show opening this Thursday titled "faces, spaces and places".  The other two artists in the show are Ray Phillips and Karla Doell - wonderful artists.  The work I am sending are the paintings on my Home page.  I'm pleased with the new work and I  think the show will be very dynamic.  I will update my Home page with photos of the show once I receive the images from my gallery owner.  

I just sold a painting out of the Canada gallery last month!  It's titled "A Day in the Life".  I sell quite a few of my bright blue pieces - have to paint more.


My First Post

This is my first post.  I just attended a blogging basics class so here I go!  I think that my posting will be more of a diary and comments about my perception about the art world.  I will also be posting any upcoming shows and exhibits.

I will be part of a group show at my gallery in Canada, Sopa Fine Arts.  It will be  opening the second Thursday of July.  I will post photos as soon as the show is installed.  

That's all for now...